Game Scout

Football Game Scout

Football Game Scout is specifically designed to break down in-game opponent tendencies in real time. It is a fast, effective and user-friendly way to keep up with the ever-growing speed of the game.

Football Game Scout allows you to export game data into Hudl or other commonly utilized video editing software.

The Football Game Scout app (or FGS for short) allows you to script your play calling while using your own scheme terminology. Allowing this facilitates rapid play-call adjustments. FGS is all about saving you and your staff time.

Football Game Scout targets all in-game opponent tendencies as well. This feature can be especially helpful when attempting to exploit an opposing squad's weaknesses.

Football Game Scout provides detailed and up-to-date team statistics in various categories.

Football Game Scout is compatible with both the American (100 Yard field; 4 down system) and the Canadian (110 yard field; 3 down system) game.

The "v1" edition of Football Game Scout includes an array of features related to Defensive scouting. Specific offensive features will be included in an upcoming version of FGS. Note:
Football Game Scout's current defensive template can easily be used to chart your team's offense if the need arises.

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